Lenovo Flex System Scalability

Ola Zaher
Infrastructure Section Head at citystars Properties
The scalability of this solution is huge. Even if you want to add nodes, it's easy to add it and we considered this in a way that could help us. We could work on it for five years with the extendability. We bought more memory, more storage, but now we are expanding our storage and if it works, we will buy Oracle hardware, for our Oracle VRP and this hardware will work on the Lenovo storage. We have 500 distributed users because we are a great company and we have many locations. We have about eight buildings and our users use this application. User roles start from top management to managers and directors and normal team leaders. All types of users use this application and they are quite happy with it. For internal maintenance, we have two engineers and they do all the support. We do not handle hardware support ourselves. We open tickets with Lenovo because we have the three-year maintenance with them and if we have any problem we can open a ticket. It has to support VMware itself and the connections between everything. The backups are also done; they manage the whole infrastructure. Our system is currently being used every day, 24-7, because we are working 24-7. We have some users that are working days and others nights. We will expand our storage because we used to have a local new product and it will use our storage. We will buy only new hard disks to be connected to the new hardware. View full review »
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