Lenovo High-Density Servers Overview

What is Lenovo High-Density Servers?

The Lenovo Storage D3284 delivers high-density direct-attach storage. It supports mixing-and-matching different drive types for high performance, high capacity, or a combination of the two. Affordable high-density options, combining 7,200rpm NL-SAS hard disk drives (HDDs) with high-IOPS/low-latency SAS solid-state drives (SSDs), enable a multitiered storage infrastructure in a single enclosure or daisy-chain. It supports up to 4 enclosures in a single chain. Chains can be connected to up to three servers.

Lenovo High-Density Servers is also known as ThinkSystem High-Density Servers, Lenovo ThinkSystem High-Density Servers, Lenovo High Density Servers, ThinkSystem High Density Servers, Lenovo ThinkSystem High Density Servers, Lenovo SD Series, ThinkSystem SD Series, Lenovo ThinkSystem SD Series.

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