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I still run SolarWinds. I have TeamViewer, I have other products that I still run as well. It is just I have LogMeIn on absolutely everything I support, because it is the most flexible tool. I can even access it from my phone. It is a big deal to have it on mobile. Here is a good example. I just had a network in a building recently with issues and 45 machines in there that went offline. Therefore, I simply went to my phone, then went to each PC, and as they came back online, I could see on my phone as I went from place to place which machines still needed to be reset. I did not have to follow up and log into a computer. I did not have to run around doing whatever. I could just access it right from my phone and tell what was going on. I have even supported PCs with just my phone. It is not pretty, mind you, but I have done it. I remember ages ago having stability issues (though now it has been very good since). But because of this, I ended up working with so many third-party people, and they would go, "Well, we have this for a product." Then, I would show them what I can do with LogMeIn, and there was no comparison. I can do so much more than they can with their remote control programs. View full review »
Chuck Miller
Technology Coordinator at a government with 51-200 employees
It depends on what you need. If you need unattended access, then LogMeIn; I haven't found anyting better. If you can get away with having attended access, there's another product that I use as well called TeamViewer. There is a free and also a paid version of TeamViewer, and the paid version will allow limited remote access, but you still need access to the remote machine to start with. On that, I always need to have someone at the remote machine when I'm trying to get into it, although sometimes that's good. But there are a lot of times when it's not good for me because I do a lot of things after hours, when people have gone home. For example, say you're working in Seattle, Washington and you're having a problem with your workstation, but it's something I need to address that's going to take me a couple of hours, and I don't want to interrupt your work. I will sit down and say, "Fine, I'll tell you what. Leave your computer running tonight, and I will hook into it tonight after you've gone home, and I'll work on it. And you'll come in the morning and everything will be fixed." With TeamViewer, I can't do that one. With LogMeIn, I can. View full review »
IT Director
I did evaluate other options. We went with it for pricing reasons, that it was the biggest bang for our buck, by combining the ability to have a central security console, as well as a central point for user administration. I think we looked at a Bomgar solution. I think Citrix had a solution that we reviewed. It's been five years since I really got into it. GoToMyPC, I think, was a vendor we looked at. But it was cost prohibitive. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about ConnectWise Automate vs. LogMeIn Central and other solutions. Updated: November 2019.
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I'm looking into TeamViewer and UltraVNC, now. View full review »
Network Administrator
A few, I don’t recall which ones. It was a number of years ago. View full review »
IT Manager at a non-profit with 51-200 employees
The CIO before me used WebEx, but it was slow and more expensive back then. I think it is cheaper now but I am used to LogMeIn. View full review »
Medical Biller
It was my IT guy at the time that just did it. It was mainly so he could remote into the system and do any changes that he needed to do at the time. This was 10 plus years ago. Because it worked pretty well, if it is not broke, don't fix it. View full review »
President at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
We didn't really evaluate other products at the time. View full review »
David Putz
I had used others like VNC Connect, but I really didn't review any others. View full review »
Integral Color Specialist
Find out what your peers are saying about ConnectWise Automate vs. LogMeIn Central and other solutions. Updated: November 2019.
382,547 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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