LogMeIn Central Primary Use Case

I am an IT Consultant, and this is my life. This is how I access all the machines that I take care of. I administer all of the stuff for the network. View full review »
Chuck Miller
Technology Coordinator at a government with 51-200 employees
IT support for about 200 work stations and 50 servers. View full review »
IT Director
Systems administration, servers and desktops; I am using it for security, although there is no public or private cloud involved. It is also used for remote access for users. View full review »
To remote to other computers. I have a couple of servers that I mainly use it for. Also some computers, desktops. View full review »
Network Administrator
Remote access to servers when off-site, and remote access to users' PCs in remote offices. View full review »
IT Manager at a non-profit with 51-200 employees
I support our employees' hardware in ten locations and anywhere they are working that has connectivity. We use RDS from MS and Logmein allows me to help my employees where ever they are. View full review »
Medical Biller
Remote management. I have remote workers who work from home. It is the main thing I use. View full review »
Technology Director
Remote access. View full review »
Director of Information Technologies at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
Accessing customers' servers. We're managing servers, PCs, printers, monitors. View full review »
David Putz
I support POS systems and security systems. Our primary software is MicroSale. I manage POS hardware/software, printers, and servers. I use it for solving Windows, software, and network issues that are solvable when dialing in. I also use it to monitor the systems, to see if the computers are up to date on everything. View full review »
Integral Color Specialist
The primary use case for this solution is customer support. We manage servers, computers (laptop or desktop), and POS hardware/software. We are also leveraging Central to keep our endpoints secure. View full review »
Giancarlo Scali
Project Manager with 11-50 employees
To support unattended PCs and servers. View full review »

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