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LogRhythm Enterprise UEBA is the #16 ranked solution in our list of top User Behavior Analytics - UEBA tools. It is most often compared to Darktrace: LogRhythm Enterprise UEBA vs Darktrace

What is LogRhythm Enterprise UEBA?

LogRhythm UEBA enables your security team to quickly and effectively detect, respond to, and neutralize both known and unknown threats. Providing evidence-based starting points for investigation, it employs a combination of scenario analytics techniques (e.g., statistical analysis, rate analysis, trend analysis, advanced correlation), and both supervised and unsupervised machine learning (ML).

LogRhythm Enterprise UEBA is also known as LogRhythm CloudAI, LogRhythm UEBA.

Buyer's Guide

Download the User Behavior Analytics - UEBA Buyer's Guide including reviews and more. Updated: September 2021

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Rob Haller
Security Engineer at US Acute Care Solutions
Real User
It watches everything to tell you what you don't know, and gives you a second opinion

What other advice do I have?

We're at about 2000 logs per second. We have about 42 locations and around 4000 users. In terms of important criteria when selecting a vendor, whichever one works the best, whether it be the newest or whatever. Whichever one has the best feature set would probably be the winner. If I were advising someone looking at this solution or something similar, I would say there are a lot of log collectors out there, but LogRhythm's the only one that incorporates intelligence into the solution, versus just being something that collects.