Logz.io Valuable Features

Technical Director at Mediatonic

The most valuable feature is the tight integration they have between services that they provide. In our use case, it is great to see all the observability metrics, but also be able to go from that high-level view of important stats that we have deliberately recorded down into the low level of any particular time or server to see exactly what was happening at that moment, when we saw whatever we saw in the metrics.

They have the logging and metrics all in one platform. They are all tightly tied together, so we can look at the metrics and logs at the same time. They have features in there that tie the integration together. This makes them one product as opposed to three. This is super important to us. We were originally looking for something that did just the observability stuff, but then they also had something that did the logging, and we were like, "Well, this solves two problems for us at the same time." They have other features too, but they weren't within our requirements at the time. It was more valuable than having to find two products that did the same thing. It has such tight integration, support, training. etc. It has just made it super easy for us to use because we only have to write one integration.

We use Logz.io's Log Patterns and Drop Filters all the time. The Drop Filters are amazing and hugely beneficial. The Log Patterns are just so useful. We don't have to do any work to set them up. We can just start the main log, then I just say, "Could you parse this into this particular format?" They do. Then, I instantly have all this data coming through, formatted in a way that I need it, which is really useful. We didn't have to think about that upfront. We just look at it afterwards, and say, "Okay, this is really useful."

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AWS Technology Lead at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees

The speed of getting up to speed, but we also don't have to manage it on a daily basis. We don't have to worry about scaling it or doing any additional security. It just works. We trust them to keep the platform online.

It auto scales. Whenever we have a peak in logs, we don't need to touch it. We just know that Logz.io will handle it.

I like that it is all open-source tooling under the hood. We have a lot of experience with this. Therefore, we could get up and running very quickly with it, knowing that it is all open technology. Having that there in a single platform and out-of-the-box has been really beneficial for us.

We use Logz.io’s AI-powered Insights feature for errors. It finds certain patterns, so we use it to pick out certain unusual events. It is really helpful because it separates real events from the noise. Typically, with these monetary platforms, you might be transmitting slices of events every second or minute. It is very difficult sometimes to pick out anomalies, but this has definitely simplified the process. It is helpful as well for debugging because we can tie it back to specific events in our platform.

We use Logz.io's Log Patterns and Drop Filters very heavily. They are based on open source technology with which we have experience. So, it helps refine our logging to cut out all the noise, giving us a really good signal-to-noise ratio. We are not paying for storage that we don't need. We are only logging the necessary logs on what you are able to drop, such as all the noisy platforms with all the logs that you don't care about. We run in Kubernetes, which is a very noisy computing platform. Having dropped others really helped us save costs.

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