Mailgun Room for Improvement

Keyner TYC
Software Engineer at a tech vendor with 11-50 employees
Campaigns Marketing: Tags and variables for setting values before sending emails. Other services, like Mailjet, have a feature for their mailing campaigns: It consists of loading a .CSV, .TXT, or an email list with columns like: "name, lastname, email, id, age, birthday, totalAmount, etc.", and configuring each column with an attribute name, so when you create a campaign, you select the template to send, the list to send, and in the template the name of the attribute is put in each section, example "{{name}}", and when sent, that is replaced by the data of the sent list. That is super useful and dynamic. Mailgun doesn't have this. View full review »
Kabue Charles
Software Developer at a media company with 1-10 employees
Preview of email as sent - currently, the preview is an image. View full review »

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