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Technical Analyst at L Brands
Oct 11 2016

What is most valuable?

* Host data interchange in PIX (Perceptual Inventory Transaction) format * Inventory tracking using four wall inventory buckets * Wave * Cartonization * Picking/packing based on tasks and its priority * Cross-docking and flow-through processing

How has it helped my organization?

* It eliminated the paperwork for goods in the office, post-Yard Management implementation. * Task prioritization reduced waiting time and improved the productivity of associates. * Cartonization reduced raw material waste. * Flow

What needs improvement?

Not now, but we faced lots of problem with the internal framework, which caused CORBA (common object request business architecture) errors and DB locks. It took quite some time for the support team to resolve it that affected the productivity of the associates. Most of these problems have been handled in the newer versions of Database and Manhattan Integration framework.

What is Manhattan Associates Warehouse Management?

Using advanced algorithms to mathematically organize and optimize operations, Manhattan Warehouse Management speeds the flow of goods and information to enable flawless execution across inventory, labor, and space.
Manhattan Associates Warehouse Management customers
ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, Argos Direct, Century Martial Arts, Dalepak, David's Bridal, Empik, Wirtz Beverage