MapR Room for Improvement

Founder at Chicago area Hadoop User Group (CHUG)
All products have room for improvement. Because of MapR-FS, they have an incredible advantage in terms of stability, cross cluster replication, and extensibility to create products like MapR-DB (Binary and JSON tables) and MapR Streams. One weakness for MapR is the Kerberos support. This is not much of an issue unless you rely on products in a secure environment which only support Kerberos. This really occurs with HBase. The lack of coprocessors is also an issue because MapR-DB is limited in terms of server side extensibility. While MapR can and is improving on this with their next release(s), if they were to implement coprocessors, it would most likely not be compatible with Apache‚Äôs release. View full review »
Alexandre Akrour
CEO at Inosense
The interface part, what I'm calling the integration part, could be improved. Although it was able to connect to Hadoop, pocket files and so on. For example, providing some API endpoints for capturing all the streaming parts wasn't well-developed at that point. But today, if I'm honest, they've added all these streaming ports. Having the ability to extend the services provided by the platform to an API and micro-services architecture, could be very helpful. It could be used in different contexts and also integrated into a personal system for example or mobile applications, mobile content or some sort, and so on. API and micro-services architecture, all the features behind that, could be very interesting. View full review »
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