MathWorks Matlab Room for Improvement

Abayomi Alabi
Project Engineer at Federal-Mogul

The support needs to be improved. You have to pay an extra fee to get support. To have it included with the license would be better.

To make use of the GPU, you have to have an Nvidia card. What I would want it to do is to run in Next Generation with Intel or AMD, and not just with Nvidia.

For me, my laptop has an Nvidia GPU, so it's good for me. For those who have AMD or Intel, they cannot run codes with those GPUs because MATLAB only runs on Nvidia. If there is a way to correct this issue, it would be helpful for many people.

In the next release, I would like to see the support be better, faster, and they should have multilingual support systems. Currently, it's difficult as I have to contact them in Germany. My German is not that good and sometimes they don't speak English very well.

There are so many add-ons that I have to purchase and I can make use of them all. For example, with the statistical add-on, it has some shortcut options that I cannot make use of. One of them is FFT and because I can write my algorithms I can get it, but it has become expensive. 

I have to purchase all of the add-ons to have access to every single algorithm that is in MATLAB itself.

It would be helpful and it would make it simple if this was already a part of the MATLAB software without any additional add-ons. For example, specific statistical functions that everyone needs, you shouldn't have to pay extra for those specific features.

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