Mendix Pricing and License Cost

Markus Travaille
Business Development Manager & Project manager at EGALiT
From a commercial point of view, we would like them to change that they currently sell it as a platform, but as a customer you have to decide upfront the usage of the platform. We would like to have Mendix sell it as a pay as you go model: You pay for what you use, and you don't pay for what you don't use. Mendix is currently refusing to do that, but their competition does not do it as well. I understand that it is a risk for them. I told the commercial management about it, but there are several customers of ours who say, "We would like to adopt this platform, but we want to grow into the platform." Mendix does this, as they have a custom pricing if you buy the platform for multiple years, then you can get discounts in the first years to grow into the platform. However, I would really like them to have an Amazon model, where you can use it and pay per minute or hour, per user, etc. That is not available at this moment. I would like it, but their competition, like Salesforce, does not offer it either. Therefore, there is no real pressure on them to change. View full review »
Mitchel Mol
CEO / Owner at Aelion - Netherlands
I have personally not been directly involved with pricing/licensing for any of the projects I worked on. However, judging based on experience, I can say that Mendix is not more expensive than any serious competitor solution. View full review »
Industry Expert and Advisor at a financial services firm
Initially, we started with a year for approximately $25,000, and if we need to expand the number of seats then we will increase it. There are no additional costs for us at the moment, but I think that if you need any professional services then they charge for them. View full review »
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