Mendix Stability

Markus Travaille
Business Development Manager & Project manager at EGALiT
Stability is very good. The modeling environment has been very predictable since Mendix 5. Between versions 4 and 5, there was a big problem with them. Since Mendix 5 and Mendix 7, it has been very predictable. Every month, there is a new release and it has stable functionality, although it is not only the functionality. If you look at the cloud environment, it is very stable, especially since Mendix cloud is now run on Amazon. It has always been click and go, but it is even more impressive what they can do now. Their current announcement that they also run a SAP Cloud and IBM Cloud makes it even more powerful. View full review »
Mitchel Mol
CEO / Owner at Aelion - Netherlands
In the past, I encountered scalability issues that caused stability issues. Mendix can scale to multiple application servers but at the time it could not scale to more database servers, the only solution was, to add more resources to the single available database server. I do believe that Mendix is trying to solve this with HP Helion and Cloud Foundry solutions which are horizontal and vertical scalable. I however haven't had any experience with these platforms in combination with Mendix yet. View full review »
Industry Expert and Advisor at a financial services firm
Stability is ok. It is a bit stable, but we are seeing an increase in workload complexity, so they'll have to figure out a scaler. View full review »
Richard Edens
Senior Software Architect at a tech services company
Ruud Van Driel
CISSP at a retailer
It is very stable and there is 24/7 support. View full review »
Managing Director at a tech vendor with 11-50 employees
It is exceptional. View full review »

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