Mendix Valuable Features

Markus Travaille
Business Development Manager & Project manager at EGALiT
* The complete stack: You have a complete cloud operations, and everything is included. For every customer, wherever we go, we can provide a solution within a few days with a complete data environment in a very stable, high performance cloud. * The development environment is model-driven. We really like this because we can use the information from this for our business engineers to make the information models, and they can also execute the model. * We do not need programmers anymore, so it is a small team of business engineers who design and build the application without us needing to program. That makes our teams four to six times more productive, but also a lot smaller with no overhead and very flexible. It is something, and not every Mendix partner does this. A lot of them have still use analysts and programmers in different roles, but we do not do this. I like that we use the platform on this level. We stick within the core of the platform, so we don't do anything with custom Java or custom JavaScript. View full review »
Mitchel Mol
CEO / Owner at Aelion - Netherlands
* The speed and agility with which you can develop solutions with the Mendix platform * It is possible to create the same applications that more traditional platforms offer in a fraction of the time * You don't need to worry about the basics surrounding security, CRUD actions, integration, UX and many other things you need to create the same basics for when developing with traditional platforms View full review »
Industry Expert and Advisor at a financial services firm
The workflow and automation features are quite good and valuable. View full review »
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Jack Mojapelo
Software Developer at a non-tech company
* The ability to rapidly build applications. * Built-in management tool called Sprinter gives everyone involved in the development of the application an overview of the current state and progress of the application being built. * Supports collaborative development which minimizes the risk of having multiple developers working on a single piece of code. * Easy to integrate with both RESTful and SOAP web services. This is helpful because a lot of applications are dependent on others for data. For example, if you were to develop an app that does a background check on employees, you would integrate to systems like TransUnion to feed data to your application. View full review »
Software Developer at Exp Realty
* Mendix code and coding logic are very visual. It looks like a flow chart rather than lines of code. Rapid development is what drew us to Mendix. * It is easy to create prototype pages without a lot of development, once the Entity (table) is created. * You can generate a page with a few clicks, using the default features after proof of concept, then develop the logic behind the page. View full review »
Petar Vukmanovic
Software Business Engineer at Intonovi
Mendix has made a great deal of effort to provide its developers a healthy, modern environment for developing. First of all, it adopts Agile methodology by creating a SCRUM-based app where you can handle your user stories. Next comes version control, which really allows multiple team members to collaborate quite easily. And last but not least, Mendix modeler, which is your IDE for developing Mendix apps. Speed and rapid software development within Mendix is a breeze. We at Intonovi absolutely love it. View full review »
Managing Director at a tech vendor with 11-50 employees
It is a fast and agile solution. View full review »
Ramli Somers
Chief Innovation Officer & Board member at TimeSeries
* Integrates - Suite allows you to easily and smoothly integrate with pretty much anything. * Cloud-enabled - It provides a full Cloud Foundry-driven cloud environment with one-click deployment. * Digital execution - Mendix provides a complementary program to drive digital execution, so you not only get a platform but also instruction on how to leverage it best. * Super fast - I can develop full apps in weeks instead of years. View full review »
Software Developer at a real estate/law firm with 51-200 employees
I like how Mendix is aimed at collaboration as well as Agile development. Overall, it makes it extremely easy to pick up and create a prototype. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Mendix, OutSystems, Salesforce and others in Mobile Development Platforms. Updated: March 2020.
406,860 professionals have used our research since 2012.