Micro Focus Data Protector Room for Improvement

Arnel Damasin
Datacenter Engineer at Al Ittefaq Steel Products Company
It's annoying that you actually have to pay for the deduplication feature in order to use it. Starting at around 2010, they haven't really changed their interface or added many new features. The console is dated. they need to make it more modern, add colours and better UI to make it more user friendly and attractive. If you compare the solution with the same specific features and enhancements on another solution, Data Protector is expensive. This is especially true when compared to, for example, Veeam. They are starting to create a cloud version of the Data Protector. The thing is, it's very hard to convince an administrator like me to switch to it, due to the fact that they are basically a hardware designed software. It was designed by a hardware engineer, that's why it looks and feels and operates like hardware. To change it to a software doesn't sit right. In comparison, when you use Veeam, you feel like you are managing a cloud. You feel that you are managing something on the top. When you're using Micro Focus Data Protector, on the other hand, you feel that you are directly communicating with the device. It's just as bumpy and not as satisfying as compared to Veem, which is compact and light. Every time there is a backup running, I cannot predict anything, so I cannot say if it will back up the first time. Data Protector has a status bar. You need to wait and see. Their flexibility of their reporting needs improvement. You cannot save. You need to copy/paste. It may have appeared flexible in the 1990s, however, it's 2020 now. We need a flexible reporting of all that is happening on the Data Protector. We don't need to focus too much on the data, we need to focus on the maintenance of the machine. There needs to be a focus on analytical reports. We need answers to questions like: "Am I going to lose capacity?" "Do I still have enough space?" "Do I still have enough capacity for the cloud?" Data Protector should analyze these things for you, and alert you if you need to increase capacity. The solution needs more mobile capabilities. If I cannot see your product on my mobile, you're not worth considering. Nowadays, that's a basic requirement for an administrator. There is no place in the world that is not connected to the internet or IoT. There is a lot to be done that the competitors are already doing for the last four years. The solution needs to change their support agreement. It was changed from traditional to capacity. That means the product is now only targeting big companies. As it stands now, they cannot really market to smaller organizations because their capacity is not that much. Licensing should be flexible for small businesses all the way up to enterprise-level businesses. Once you perform a backup for a huge amount of data, you cannot browse it. You cannot browse a specific characteristic of that data on the database in order to find a file. If the file is large, you need to restore it. With Veem, you can view it even if it's inside the archive. It gives you the assurance it's actually there. The solution needs to have a good explorer for administrators. I need to have the flexibility of viewing where I put my data. When it is going to the tape, the tape is totally encrypted. You need to restore it before you know what is inside. It's a big waste of time. View full review »
Storage & Backup Engineer at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees
I think the VMware backup integration and the cloud recovery is lacking. I also found it difficult to implement the granular recovery solution with Micro Focus for both VMware integration backups and for exchange integration backups. Implementing this solution was a big challenge. Other products like Veeam, or NetBackup have a simpler and more user friendly solution than Micro Focus. Implementation really should be more straightforward. I'd like to see stronger integrations, and an easier setup for granular recovery. It's a feature that plays a great role for data protection. View full review »
Ola Zaher
Infrastructure Section Head at citystars Properties
I'm sure Data Protector has improved because we have an old version and I think the new versions have many new features but I'm not familiar with them. The version we are using now does not work with virtual machines and it lacks many features. I'm sure the new version is better. It has many functions that can compete with Veeam, but the problem is that its price is more expensive. It's very expensive compared to Veeam and other similar solutions. We changed Microsoft to a virtual environment, so in a virtual environment, we could not do a backup with the version we're using. It doesn't work with a virtual machine. In addition, we could not restore the machine. This is the main problem with it. We are switching to Veeam because Data Protector is lacking good virtualization features and because the cost is very high. View full review »
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Zied Chelbi
Project Engineer at Tunelec
The solution would be improved if it would work with OpenStack. People prefer Veeam because the interface is easier, and Data Protector is difficult in comparison. Data Protector is beginning to integrate virtual machines. Customers, however, find it more comfortable to work on a virtual machine, for example, with Veeam Backup. They find it easier, once again, because the interface is easier. View full review »
Aamir Majeed
Storage / Backup Administrator at a pharma/biotech company with 10,001+ employees
In general, you can say that Micro Focus Data Protector is behind in capabilities when compared with other backup solutions, such as Commvault, Symantec, NetBackup, but it is very strong for certain use cases such as array integration. We are using it in production even now. There should be some kind of cloud integration and archiving solutions. I think this is the area they need to focus on. View full review »
Tuan Phan Anh
Technical Manager at ONE Corp.
The software needs to redesign the UI and they should organize the functions so that they are much easier to use. It's very hard to understand how to use the software. View full review »
Enterprise Engineer at Computech Limited
I don't like this solution so much because it's very technical and compared to Commvault and Veeam, it's not so user-friendly. The interface needs improvement. It was sold to another company, I haven't seen a lot of improvement that they have done. View full review »
Enterprise Storage Management and UNIX System Administration+. at Access Bank Plc
The solution is not intuitive enough. I think they should work on the user experience and the graphical interface. These can be a lot better. View full review »
Abuzaid Saad
Head, IT Network, Security & Data Center at ARABSAT
Make it simpler to use, integrate with as many applications as possible, and improve the dashboard. View full review »
IT Project Manager at a media company with 501-1,000 employees
I would like to see an improvement in the reporting feature of this solution as it is really bad. It needs to include important views and dashboards so that we can configure the functions we need. They should also improve their technical support to make the response time faster. View full review »
Senior IT Manager with 501-1,000 employees
The interface has been the same for many years and needs to be updated. The dashboard has changed, but that only deals with part of the backup process. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Micro Focus Data Protector. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: January 2021.
455,164 professionals have used our research since 2012.