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Engineer at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
Jan 01 2014

What do you think of Micro Focus Network Management Center?

HP Network Automation I give HP Network Automation 5 stars, maybe 7 - yes, I know it is that good! Use Of Solution: 8 years Valuable Features: Two It's ease of use - this was the main reason it was selected at one client and a factor at the other. It's power / flexibility. It has an excellent API to allow you to do most anything you could want - the sky is the limit. Improvements To Organization: Clients are always excited to be able to easily push out changes and ensure that all configurations are in-line to the defined standards via the audit function and built-in reporting. Room For Improvement: There are bugs to work through along the way. Deployment, Stability, Scalability Issues: Deployment is quite simple. Scalability has not been a problem. Stability has only been a…

What is Micro Focus Network Management Center?

Network Management Center is represented by automated network management solutions to reduce cost and overhead, and avoid unplanned network interruptions to deliver the availability and performance that your business demands.
Also known as
Network Management Center, HPE Network Management Center
Micro Focus Network Management Center customers
Retegal, KMC Technologies, NEC Australia
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