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Find out what your peers are saying about Micro Focus, IBM, Tricentis and others in Test Management Tools.
247,497 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Test management tools report from it central station 2018 01 20 thumbnail
Find out what your peers are saying about Micro Focus, IBM, Tricentis and others in Test Management Tools.
247,497 professionals have used our research since 2012.

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So the first impression that hits me about HP UFT 14.0 (formerly QTP) is that it seems to be a whole lot faster! But that could be subjective, as I'm running it on a high end gaming system. And my second impression was "Oh man, why does it still do THAT?" Let's review the good stuff: VBscript language -Easy to learn, surprisingly powerful and extendable. What I will call the "PDM.DLL feature" provides a list view of any object property and methods at run-time from the code as well as the two other windows. Built in Excel Datatables for Data-driven design Revamped beautiful HTML results report with screen and movie capture Terminal Emulator automation. Modular design (through functions, ALM components and Flows) Launch through Jenkins brings CI to the test automation development team. Can leverage Windows API calls as well as custom AutoItScript for enhanced features. The wide range of supported current and legacy web technologies, desktop apps, and WebServices testing is by far the most valuable feature. Even in the case where technology is only partially supported, being able to customize out-of-the-box object methods is another time saver. For example, we recently started to investigate automation of an AngularJS application. The problem was record/playback (UFT 12.54) did not work on it. However, the Object Spy correctly adds objects to the Object Repository. In addition Descriptive Programming worked from our custom framework. We had a basic login/navigate/verify Proof of Concept test operational with AngularJS Buttons, Links and Images quickly. Minor custom coding was required to override .Set methods of WebEdit objects, and more will be needed to support it's Angular WebTable objects. Totally doable for an experienced level team or user.
There are always new features and more support for new and legacy technology architectures with each release. But the bad news is a growing list of long-standing issues with the product rarely gets addressed. While I have a larger list of issues that make day to day work harder than it needs to be, these are the Top Five that I do wish would capture someone's attention in upcoming releases. All hit the tool's ROI pretty hard. #1) Jump To Source - The Silent Code Killer: In older QTP versions a double-click on any function in the Toolbox window would take the developer to the function's source code, while a drag from the Toolbox would add it to the code window. Since 12.0 a double-click on a function in UFT's Toolbox window now ADDS the function (same as drag) to the Code window - to whatever random location the cursor happens to be at - even if it is off screen, and it will replace sections of code if it is highlighted. We are not sure what the intention was, but our Best Practice is to avoid the Toolbox window entirely to avoid the real danger of losing days of work and needless bug hunts. Now Jump to Source is not all bad. A right-click on any function called from a Script takes us to the code source, which is great! But it only half works: in a Library, only for functions declared within the same library. Our advance designs have well over twelve libs so a whole lot of extra time is spent searching the entire project for a function's source on a daily basis. Lastly, while we can add custom methods to object, a Jump To Source from these methods is long overdue. So again our only option is to search the entire project. #2) Object Spy: It needs to have multiple instances so that you can compare multiple object properties side-by-side. It lacks a Refresh button, so that automation engineers can quickly identify the property changes of visible and invisible objects. Or HP could skip to option #3... #3) Add RegEx integer support for .Height or .Width object properties when retrieving object collections. If this were possible, our framework could return collections that contain only visible objects that have a .height property greater that zero. (Side Note: the .Visible property has not returned a False value for us in nearly five years - a recent developer decision, not a product issue) Eliminating the need to separate the non-visible objects from visible ones would decrease execution time dramatically. (Another side note: Our experiments to RegEx integer-based .Height properties found that we could get a collection of just invisible objects. Exactly the opposite of what we needed.) #4) The shortcut to a treasure trove of sample code in the latest release 14.0 has been inexplicably removed. This impeeds new users from having an easy time learning the tool's advanced capability. In fact the only users daring enough to go find it now will be you who is reading this review. #5) Forced Return to Script Code. This again is a no-brainer design flaw. Let's say we run a script and throw an error somewhere deep in our function library. Hey it happens. In prior QTP versions when the Stop button would be clicked the tool would leave you right there at the point where the error occurred to fix. Now in recent releases, UFT always takes us back to the main Script, far from that code area that needed immediate attention.

Micro Focus Quality Center Projects By Members

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Data Quality Management for Oracle EBS Implementation
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QA Automation Engineer
Specialties: Writing automated test scripts using HP UFT and QuickTest Professional integrated with Quality Center. Over 15,000 (fifteen-thousand) hours of actual hands-on experience developing, modifying, and executing QuickTest Professional and UFT scripts. Operating Systems: Windows 10/7/XP,... more>>
OATS Engineer-Onsite Consultant
Hi guy's I'm a Software Test Automation/Performance Engineer by profession-Specialized in Automation, Performance Testing and Quality Assurance of Oracle application's(OATS) & also a lifelong learner who want's to learn & experience new thing's, make friend's and help people in whatever... more>>
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Business Systems Consultant
Business Systems Consultant for quality tools at Wells Fargo (http://wellsfargo.com/). Since 2008, has been the primary subject matter expert (SME) and project manager (PM) on HP ALM Quality Center (ALM), HP QuickTest Pro (QTP), HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT), IBM Rational products,... more>>
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Quality Center helps teams build and organize the testing effort, track progress throughout the application lifecycle, and is architected around testing best practices, asset fostering re-use. Teams can quickly build or import requirements and tests, execute enhanced manual testing, schedule and manage test-automation and manage defects throughout the lifecycle.

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Quality Center, HPE QC, HPE Quality Center
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Quality Center has over 5,000 customers including The Federal Administration, Bank Asya, CitiPower, Powercor, DB Systel, JetBlue, Seagate, Swiss Life, and NNE Pharmaplan.

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