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Monitoring Systems and Performance Engineer at a retailer with 1,001-5,000 employees
Aug 21 2016

What is most valuable?

We use RUM and BSM and so far it has been really good at getting real user transactions from a real user monitor and then tying it to a BSM single view dashboard, where we get the whole realistic picture.

What needs improvement?

They're moving to a new solution called AppPulse, which I just selected. So AppPulse will not just only have the real user monitoring and the synthetic monitoring, they also have a new thing called trace. I have used comparable products to the Trace function.

What other advice do I have?

It could be better and I'm hoping that is what will happen with future release they are talking about. Do a POC with your own environment and don't rely on the list of capabilities that a solution gives you doing a demo in your environment.

Which other solutions did I evaluate?

We're also using Dynatrace, and there were other solutions in the past that I used which were from CA. They performed a same similar kind of trace work that HPE is coming up with. I'm really hoping HPE's trace is more scalable and more reliable than other products. So I'm really hoping they'll come… more »

What is Micro Focus Real User Monitor?

Real User Monitoring (RUM) an End user monitoring that gives you visibility into user behavior for fast, targeted problem resolution. It monitors the performance and availability of business-critical application services for all users at all locations all the time. It automatically discovers underlying infrastructure and classifies user actions - giving you instant visibility into session and whole service health over web, cloud, and mobile user experience. It allows you to trace user experience across tiers, capture live sessions, see where customers clicked, measure response times, and see pages that caused problems. And you can easily capture and replay user sessions to create test scripts that reflect real user behavior. All this data gives you new ability to analyze which application transactions your users are performing and what application response they are experiencing. RUM currently supports over 20 application protocols and applications such as SAP, Citrix, and native mobile application monitoring on Android.

Also known as
Micro Focus RUM, HPE RUM, MF RUM
Micro Focus Real User Monitor customers

Avea, Maccabi Healthcare Services, TEB

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