Micro Focus Service Virtualization Primary Use Case

Manager, Director, Share Holder at Marco Technology
We implement this product for companies in the banking industry. We use virtualization to simulate and validate data models of the core banking system for the purpose of testing. When one application is implemented and accesses the testing phase, the test environment needed to connect to external/legacy system to fulfill test coverage. Test cases might cover both functionality and performance which sometimes external system faces the limitation to support. It is difficult to make test environments connect to the mainframe with required test data already in place, so we planned to use virtualization in this situation. Another use case for us has to do with performance testing. Many banking systems (public ones) facing performance issues in production have been identified that as impactful is not in the application itself. That means the test hasn’t been done well enough during the integration, most of them cause by limitation on test environment. Service virtualization with a performance model feature can help solve this situation. When a test is covered, the risks in the production system are surely controlled. View full review »