Microshare.io Overview

What is Microshare.io?

Microshare is a Data Governance Platform for the Internet of Every Thing, providing a solution to data privacy, security, audit, confidentiality and micro-sharing.

The Policy Fabric platform and product suite can take massive amounts of data, stored in 1000’s of locations, generated from 1000’s of sources and put it into the hands of a single, empowered individual to use as needed.

By combining into a single platform advanced integration techniques, deep knowledge of business process automation, sophisticated data filtering, rules, and cutting edge on-demand data, we can tame the data monster.

Microshare.io is also known as Point.io.

Microshare.io Buyer's Guide

Download the Microshare.io Buyer's Guide including reviews and more. Updated: February 2021

Microshare.io Customers

Olswang LLP

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