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Nakivo Primary Use Case

Senior Software Manager/Chief at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees

I use it for my VM (Virtual Machine) backups. I logged into it, created myself an account, and then I created my backup jobs. Then I can run the jobs to do the backups when I want. I can schedule it to run when it is convenient — say at 10 o'clock at night — or I can say run it right now, or whatever. It is pretty intuitive in that sense. Pretty easy to set up and use.  

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IT Systems / Security / Communications Administrator at Bennett International Group, LLC

We use Nakivo as a great addition to our Disaster Recovery and Backup of our VMware environment. We have multiple datacenters and wanted a quick, easy, and scalable solution that would perform at a high level.

This product was going to be a temporary solution at the start of our journey but ended up becoming a mainstay in our portfolio of products that we can't live without.

We have had several instances where Nakivo has really shined and helped up recover from potential issues very quickly. Nakivo hasn't only met those expectations, it's surpassed them!

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Leading IT Engineer at a tech vendor with 11-50 employees

The solution is primarily used for small offices that are looking for backups for Microsoft 365 and they're looking for some local backup for their whole Office 365 environment.

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Learn what your peers think about Nakivo. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: November 2021.
552,305 professionals have used our research since 2012.
System Administrator at Tecnoteca s.r.l.

We are using Nakivo for backing up multiple Virtual Machines hosted over ESXi hosts in various locations.

The hosts vary from 6.0 to 6.7 and previously we had Nakivo running for 5.5 hosts as well, which have since been dismissed.

When we started, we had also older 4.1 hosts which were covered by a special transporter used for legacy systems.

Since then, we have performed various upgrades to both the ESXi hosts, and Nakivo always worked flawlessly. It becomes better with each upgrade. 

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User at a tech services company

We are using Nakivo Backup & Replication to back up ten virtual machines from our Nutanix cluster with some 80 virtual machines. Our goal is to replace the existing backup solution completely with Nakivo Backup and Replication and to have an offsite backup of all important servers to one of our branch offices with a Synology NAS with Nakivo Transporter installed. Offices are connected with a 500 MB VPN; the Nakivo appliance is running on our Nutanix cluster. Currently, we are using an Enterprise Essentials license.

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I use NAKIVO backup and replication for several of my clients. I have replaced the product called Veeam Backup and Replication. We are a small IT service and repair center and we have many large clients running VMware 6, 6.5, and 7.  We use vCenter for all of our VMs. I have three different clients using this product. One client has four servers running two CPUs each and ESXi 6.7.  This client is running NAKIVO 10.2 as an appliance server and replicating the other three server's VMs.

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Director at A-Tech Services Limited

This is a standout backup, replication, and rapid recovery solution for any small to medium-sized business which has a virtualized server environment - particularly for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V.

Probably the best recommendation is the fact that we choose to use this ourselves. As a value added reseller/consultant, we have access to many products. We recommend it to smaller vSphere sites where it provides an excellent alternative to the likes of Veeam and the expensive HA options from VMware.

The architecture is excellent and real-life practical, not only for backups to local backup repositories but also for remote backup repositories and/or cloud storage. The virtual machine replication with multiple snapshots between physical hosts provides a cost-effective alternative to those who cannot afford/can't justify a full high availability solution.

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Manager at Integrasindo Mitra Sejati

I use the product for backing up my VMware VSphere and Microsoft HyperV Server. 

The first time I chose Nakivo was because we were facing a problem with a system that we used which was very expensive to renew. 

We found Nakivo from a website - one for VMware experts - and we tried to download the trial version.

The first time, we installed it on a physical machine that was running on a Windows Server - a 2012 Standard Edition.

At that time, we had 7 servers, including VMware ESXI and 1 VMware VCenter. Our VM at that time was around 50 VMs. After the trial, we were very interested in this product. After we tried to back up our Hyper-V VM in another system that we had, we found that all the systems were running well. That made us happy because we finally found a good product for backup that had a reasonable price.  

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ICT Manager at Rossall School

Our primary use case of Nakivo is to backup a three-way vSphere cluster hosting approximately 50 virtual machines.

We changed backup solutions because our previous one became so top-heavy and cumbersome to use.

We are a large site and use Nakivo to back up to disc between buildings in a limited time window. It then moves backup sets to the cloud as required.

We also use the replication feature to snapshot some of our most critical VMs to a backup server, which could be used if we lost our main datacenter. 

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Systems Engineer at SRC

I use Nakivo Backup & Restore with a basic license for one physical host, and I run it on a Raspberry Pi 4. The physical host runs a VMware ESXi Hypervisor 7.0, the free edition.

Primarily, I use it to back up the virtual machines from the physical server to a backup repository that is run on a NAS. My environment consists of six or seven virtual machines that range from Unix/Linux machines to Windows Server.

Nakivo, the physical host, and the NAS repository are all on the same network. The NAS is a Qnap solution with HDDs.

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System Admin

The primary use case for Nakivo backup is to have all of our data secured, and easily accessible if there is any data loss. 

It backs up our SQL databases, web servers, and application servers.

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Manager at a integrator with 1-10 employees

We are using Nakivo Backup & Replication to backup 40 Virtual machines from our HyperV cluster.

We also use it to backup one physical server.

All of these backups are stored on a Synology NAS in our building.

Nakivo Backup & Replication have replaced another backup solution we used before which lacked many features.

We plan to set up an offsite backup for all the important virtual machines via a 300MB VPN connection to an external office.

We are currently using the Enterprise Essentials license.

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IT infrastructure manager at Indicom eDocument Care

We were looking for backup software to permit us to save our big environment in a fast and easy way. After a  careful analysis of the market leaders, we chose Nakivo. We use Nakivo to save all our Virtual Machines in a VMware environment and to save all the data in our file system. In our environment, we have around 100 Virtual Machines. Those Virtual Machines are both of production and staging. We are saving around 4 TB in our file systems. Daily, the backup saves more than 900MB from file systems and more than 1 TB from VM.

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IT Architect at MFL GROUP

The solution is primarily used for backup and replication of virtual environments based on VMware ESXi located in different company sites.

I use Nakivo B&R to provide Disaster Recovery and backups of complex VMware environments. 

I have multiple datacenters centrally managed and need a solution that's scalable, simple, and also has enterprise-grade features that give me complete control of backups.

Initially, the solution was going to be an alternative to a primary backup. Now, it is always a must-have in our environment.

There's a simple interface and a lot of options. Installing directly on a NAS appliance is a must.

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Operations manager at Füssner Computersysteme GmbH

We are a German reseller and have sold Veeam for a very long time. We never were very happy with that solution and searched for an alternative to Veeam 2 to 3 years ago. With Nakivo, we found a partner who is very cooperative, has a very interesting price point and is even more than an alternative!

Now, we likely use Nakivo for customers with virtual servers and who don't want to spend thousands of Euros for a backup solution. Nakivo is perfect for them. We never have heard of a customer who is not happy with it.

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Information Technology System Engineer at Unione dei Comuni della Bassa Romagna

Our primary use case is to back up our virtual machines.

We have a hyper-converged infrastructure with Nutanix, made up of three servers with VMware ESXi and a virtual machine with a VMware vCenter appliance.

We have a QNAP NAS with Nakivo Backup & Replication installed. Every day, we create a backup of all the virtual machines. The entire infrastructure is connected with two switches in the stack, in high availability. Every link is 10GBase-LX4 and is redundant.

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Senior Director, Production Engineering at ATOS

After looking around the internet for a quick, simple, and easy solution, I gave Nakivo a chance. I implemented it for backing up a small customer environment with one VMware host and four guests. The guests are two Linux and two Windows servers.

It's connected to a Synology NAS station via an NFS mount. The customer was looking for a quick way to back up their environment after recently suffering a significant data loss due to a user error. It had a real impact on their business and they asked for my help in putting something in place.

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IT support manager at SharKom Srl

We primarily use the solution to backup and replicate business-critical VMs - on the same network or off-site - and to test new updates on flash boot restores. This enables us to verify a broad range of scenarios such as expanding disks or upgrading whole machines to newer OS versions

We use the product on vSphere as a VM or directly on the QNAP with the added convenience of not needing to create an ISCSI device which prevents locking all the space on the QNAP.

The new licenses per workload are very nice for small customers since they have a low price and are not tied to the number of CPUs.

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Owner at Daedalus Computing Limited

We have used Nakivo to provide a fully automated backup solution without user intervention with on-site backup and copy to the cloud. 

We provide support and consulting services to SME businesses in the UK, and simplicity and a lower cost are paramount. 

We have implemented Nakivo for these clients, installed to a stand-alone NAS device. This can sit on the network alongside the existing systems and simply be pointed at the servers and workstations targeted for backup. It can manage the backup externally and the backed-up resources will run without any staff intervention. 

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Sviluppatore, Sistemista, DPO at Areadati srl

We use Nakivo as a backup solution in small and medium-sized virtual environments based on VMware. We are a small IT company and our customers generally have between one and five physical servers, with between one and one hundred virtual machines to protect.

We use Nakivo to backup and/or replicate those virtual machines to achieve the RTO and RPO requested by the customer. It can be deployed on a Windows machine, as a dedicated appliance, or even on a NAS (like QNAP or Synology).

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System Administrator

Our primary use case is disaster recovery in case of a cyber attack, crypto-virus, etc.

We are using it to back up virtual machines from a VMware ESXi server, and there are individual jobs for every day. It keeps track of the daily changes and backs up only the changed data, which is much smaller than the whole virtual machine.

Nakivo has its own change block tracking. It is available in the free edition of VMware and it's not allowed to be used for backup software, but it's not a problem because Nakivo uses its own method to track changed blocks.

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We have used the solution for backup and restoration in a vSphere Environment. Nakivo can be used to backup nearly any virtual infrastructure. For us, it keeps incremental and full backups in a repo with deduplication that will keep storage usage low and restores very quickly. It integrates well with NFS storage for larger storage needs. There is also a monitoring dashboard that we use to monitor our virtual hosts. We use the fast restore option to quickly spin up virtual guests when there is no time to copy it back to the virtual host datastore.

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We mainly use Nakivo for Microsoft Office 365 backup, as well as for file backup.

It can do all of the promised features well and without any problem.

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IT Manager at Smith Neufeld Jodoin LLP

We are using it to back up two VMs on two physical hosts in a VMware 7.0.1 environment. Backing up both to a NAS and to an old SAN that was repurposed as a secondary backup, the devices are located in two different places and connected via fiber.

The system worked well as an app on my Synology NAS until we grew too much, and the NAS didn't have enough memory. No worries though, as Nakivo Backup and Restore has many ways to implement their software, which are all included in your license. I was able to spin up a Nakivo VM and create an iSCSI connection to my NAS, and off we went!

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Help Desk Manager at Alter Solution

I have been using the Nakivo Suite for a year, mainly for local backup of virtual machines on the ESXi 5.5 platform located on the servers of our company. I perform a daily backup on SNAP NAS with the available option. I also use the dashboard to verify that the backups are working properly.

I'm considering some additional features like Microsoft 365 cloud backup and Microsoft Outlook 365 mailbox backup. The latter feature is available for an additional fee.

Regardless, the product is very good and I think mine was the correct choice.

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We have been using this for six years and it has been one of the applications that I know I can trust. 

Setup was easy and a breeze to perform. Past the initial setup stage and additional config changes, there was very little need for me to intervene and interact with the product. It just works! 

Other than the occasional recovery, the system will run quietly without problems and if there is any issue, it will send you a notification (not that I had many). 

The interface is clean, simple, and easy to use.

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Cloud and Security Architect at ARPITEL S.R.L.

We found an outside VMware software to perform critical operations. Since we started using Nakivo Backup and Replication, we can perform operations that would be very expensive using a VMware license. 

We use it on our QNAP devices. It covers up to 5 servers in the small environment we have. We can perform operations that were expensive/difficult with very high automation.

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Membro at IT-Group

We are using Nakivo internally for backup/replication and cloud backup of our little datacenter, in a server farm.

Our customers use Nakivo Backup & Replication on a daily basis for backup and recovery of VMs and files. These environments are heterogeneous, as we have many Linux VMs, Windows VMs, and dedicated virtual appliances. This is no issue with the backup and recovery of entire VMs or single files, granularly.

We also appreciate the easy-to-use web interface, and our customers are completely independent in the management of Nakivo.

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Systems engineer and analyst at twsweb

We primarily use the solution for VM replication and backup. 

We replicate 6 VMs (both Windows and Linux) from one ESXi host to another ESXi host (VMware) and we make backs-up to a NAS of all 6 VMs with various types of retention. We used Nakivo also to duplicate the VMs for upgrade purposes on the server infrastructure. VMs are both servers and client machines.

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President and CEO at DimenXional Cloud Technologies

Nakivo software is available on a white-label basis. The DimenXional Cloud product with our enhancements is called WatchDog-BaaS for Backup as a Service. DimenXional Cloud has also developed WatchDog-DRaaS, which is Disaster Recovery as a Service. The white-label solution provides the API capabilities that DimenXional Cloud not get from other suppliers of this type of software. The finished solutions are bundled with the tasks for our market. The DimenXional Cloud (Very Small Business) market doesn't care what name is on it. They care about if it works or not and if it is reliable. Above all, our markets want to know that the software is easy to use and it has the right price.

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System Administrator at tech

In our SMB we started using NAKIVO as our main backup solution for backing up mainly Hyper-V VMs. It's installed directly on our QNAP NAS. Only one system administrator uses it. We use features like scheduled backups, deduplication, retention, and app-aware mode for some VMs. 

Our environment has only one Hyper-V server with five Windows Servers plus one Linux VM, which runs a license server, authentification server, active directory, application servers, communication+git server, and the database server with server application for production process management.

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Owner at Bit and Bytes

We use Nakivo as a great addition to our client's VMware environment for backups. We have multiple clients and were looking for an easy backup solution. We were looking for a product that is easy and simple to use. This product perfectly fit and ended up becoming a mainstay in our portfolio of products that we can't live without. We have had several instances where Nakivo has really shined and helped us to recover from potential issues very quickly. Nakivo hasn't only met those expectations, it's surpassed them!

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President at a tech services company with 1-10 employees

Nakivo Backup and Replication is used to back up mixed virtual and physical machine environments, consisting of multiple VMWare VSphere 6.x virtual machines and a variety of Windows Server, Windows 10, and various Linux release physical machines.

Backups and replicas are stored on local, LAN, and remote WAN physical volumes, as well as local virtual datastores. While our primary recovery scenario has been to recover full virtual and physical machines when problems develop, we have also made extensive use of Nakivo's file and folder recovery options.

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Technical Manager at Automate-IT

Our primary use case is to automatically backup our production virtual servers on our dedicated backup storage. As we moved those servers to a new VMware 7 environment, we were looking for a new backup solution. We wanted one that was easy to set up, running on-premises, provides an integration to connect with our active directory, has an intuitive user interface to configure and schedule the backup jobs on our needs, includes a simple way to restore backups, and provides a good price-performance ratio.

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Mede-eigenaar at Bricad Automatisering

We use Nakivo to backup the VMs running at our customer's site. We mainly use ESXi and Hyper-V machines, which usually have two VMs that we want to back-up. We usually install Nakivo on a NAS device, which is a good fit for our customers.

Most of our customers are Small businesses that have small setups.

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CoOwner at a tech services company with 1-10 employees

Our primary use case is for cloud/datacenter/infrastructure backup. We have set up a centralized multitenant console to manage our customer backups from multi datacenter sources. We have a unique director and many transporters accross many infrastructures and we centrally manage customer's backups.                                                                        

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IT Specialist at Silk Road Bank

Our primary use case is to back up our VMs from vSphere. 

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Vice President, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at MyBusinessHub LLC

Our primary use case is backing up a vSphere environment in our data center.

Our company supports local and national manufacturers, accountants, retail services, and other sectors of the economy. Further details would violate security protocols, so that is all I will say about the environment that we support, in a public forum.

Our company maintains partnerships with major technology providers and designs custom solutions for our tenants.

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Founder & CEO at NIFTY Computers

With VMware ESXi with Vcenter setup including HP SAN, we are using this backup and replication solution for local and cloud backup including offsite backups.

In this software, they give an option to copy the backup to another NASWasabi is the cheapest option for cloud backup and we are using it as a cloud backup since their support is good and they are ready to listen to our requirements and give better use suggestions.

The software has been working since 2018. After a few months of testing, it looks like the solution is solid.

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Assistant manager at Fiiitjee Ltd

I use it for day-to-day backup tasks.

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Manager IT at tecpap

We are currently in the testing phase for Nakivo and it is used for backup and replication.

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Director de Tecnologia at itbrasil

Backup to local repository and replication to DR site.

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Learn what your peers think about Nakivo. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: November 2021.
552,305 professionals have used our research since 2012.