Nasuni Overview

Nasuni is the #1 ranked solution in our list of top File System Software tools. It is most often compared to Panzura: Nasuni vs Panzura

What is Nasuni?

Nasuni combines storage, backup and disaster recovery into a single solution. No additional backup software is necessary. With multiple copies of every snapshot stored in the cloud across multiple geographies, in locations of the company’s choosing, the enterprise is fully protected in case of a disaster. A full restore is as simple as starting up a virtual machine.

Nasuni Customers

Environmental Systems Design Inc., Imagination, Lewis Group of Companies, Saint Michaels College, TBG Partners, Sedgwick LLP, Barry Isett & Associates, Perkins+Will

Nasuni Video

Pricing Advice

What users are saying about Nasuni pricing:
  • "It is around $850 per terabyte per year. Any additional costs that you would incur are for the local caching devices that you'll need to access Nasuni. You kind of provide your own virtual machines or compute to access the data. You also pay for the object storage. So, there are three parts to it. There is the Nasuni license per terabyte. You would also pay for the actual object storage in the cloud, and then you would pay for virtual machines to access the storage."

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IT Infrastructure Design Lead at Ulteig Engineers, Inc.
Real User
Top 5Leaderboard
A very stable and scalable solution with the global file locking feature and the ability to quickly deploy new sites

What is our primary use case?

We are using it for enterprise file storage. We have its latest version, and it is a hybrid deployment. The actual storage or data resides in the Azure cloud, but you access it either through VMs or hardware that you deploy on your premises.

Pros and Cons

  • "The global file locking feature is valuable. The ability to quickly deploy new sites is also valuable."
  • "Room for improvement would be the speed of replication of new files. I would also like to see cloud mirroring."

What other advice do I have?

I would advise others to be careful and pay attention to rightsizing the filers. They should also be aware of certain applications that have requirements that are difficult to fulfill with Nasuni. I would rate Nasuni an eight out of ten.