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What is Natero?

Natero Customer Success Platform provides the following:

  1.  Proactively Manage Customers- Natero's machine learning algorithms and rule-based alerts proactively identify the accounts that need your attention. Reach out to customers at risk of churn before they decide to leave. Know which customers are most likely to upgrade or convert from trial to paying. Natero evaluates hundreds of factors to accurately predict your customers' behavior.
  2. Operationalize Customer Success- Natero's intuitive workflows help you manage customer progress through onboarding, adoption and beyond. Know when key milestones are missed so you can guide your customers back to success. Provide consistent responses using standardized playbooks.
  3. Monitor Customer Health- Easily create and configure customer Health Scores with Natero. Pick your relevant metrics, such as product usage, custom KPIs, NPS, and much more. Weigh the importance of each metric to strike the right balance for your business.
Natero Customers

Rainforest, Geese, Freshdesk, LiftMatrix, WhiteHat Security, Union Metrics, You Visit, Lucid

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