NetApp Private Storage Customer Service and Technical Support

CTO at Dataposit Ltd
The technical support is wonderful when you get through to the right people. In our part of the world, the company is regretfully not physically present. Everything for support in our case is online or it goes through email and Webex. By comparison, some other product vendors actually have a physical presence here, which is nicer for the end-users. NetApp does not have a presence in this country. Even though the actual technical support you receive is very good, I have noticed a decrease in the quality of the support services. Technical support which used to be brilliant before is less so now. But of course — and I think this is really something happening with every vendor — they just do not perform quite as they used to in the past because they are trying to cut costs. Every vendor is really trying to scale back on exposure with technical support to stay competitive in other ways. It is a little discouraging that you really need to fight a bit to get technical support going on an issue. You really need to convince the first level of support that you have an actual issue that requires the assistance of an engineer. The guy you talk to at first will not be a technician who is going to help you. He is screening the issues before pushing it on to the next level of support. Many times I find myself working with older products at client sites. Working in my part of the world, people don't have money to invest much in upgrades. As a result, all some of them have is an ancient box and an ancient version of NetApp. There is support that they can get that will cost them. If they pay for the support — and most of these companies cannot afford to pay for it — that support is sometimes still difficult to get because of the newer screening practices. What I do like about support is that the process is simple and clear. You send in an email to request help with an issue and then you go through the rigamarole where the first level of support where they try to prove that it is not a real issue. The first level is completely useless for the consumer. When you get through that to the second level of support, then the process moves fast and you get a resolution. I'd say I'd give NetApp tech support a B-plus in my more recent experience with them. View full review »
Cloud Solutions Account Manager at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
The technical support team's response was very effective. We were having issues with volume or a disk due to an error. It was a Saturday and a support representative called me that night and told me, "Listen, this is the error. You need to do this and that." In about three minutes or less, the issue was resolved. Therefore, we feel the support is excellent. View full review »
Systems Engineer Systems Engineering & Adm. at a university with 5,001-10,000 employees
I think they're top grade. We have always had a good experience with NetApp. View full review »
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