NetApp Snapshot Room for Improvement

Exchange Administrator at Albuquerque Public Schools
Specialized applications like SnapManager for Exchange (SME) are finicky. My experience with SME is that it is not as stable at the overall Snap platform (which is part of ONTAP, not a separate product like the SnapManager products). SME does a fine job of backing up Exchange databases, but due to the HA nature of DAGs, there are times when a primary database switches from server to server. When this happens, SME does not elegantly handle that transition; as a result, there can be missed snapshots. This means gaps in your recoverable timeframe. I'm not sure how to fix the issue as I'm not a software developer. I'm sure there are complexities that I don't see. View full review »
Jagdish Hegde
Lead Storage Engineer - Cloud Platform at a tech vendor with 1,001-5,000 employees
If there is a way to save more on the number of snapshots, it should be included in the next release. If your data is more dynamic and changes frequently, you need more granular retention levels and need to save it for a longer duration, then this becomes a real challenge. View full review »

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