New Relic APM Pricing, License Cost and Setup

Sean Fernandez
Director of Technical Operations at ROLLER
They gave us aggressive discounts when they were brought in for the first time, but they have also kept them for the year-on-year renewals, which has been absolutely fine. Thus, we haven't looked to change. The pricing and licensing are good if you have an account manager and a partner manager who are looking to help out. View full review »
David Campos
CTO at Elo7
New Relic browsers are very expensive. I recommend using the free version of New Relic. If you like the free version and understand its importance for your company, you can move to the trial. Then, you can migrate to the paid version. View full review »
Engineering Manager at Survox
We look at what it produces – I don’t look at cost. We look at what you can get from the product. If it’s the right tool, it doesn’t matter what it costs because you’re going to get it back many-fold from your productivity. View full review »
Ben Bays
Principal Architect at Projekt202
The pricing and licensing are too high. View full review »

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