NICE Robotic Automation Valuable Features

Marc Lee-Smith
Group RPA & AI Platform Manager at Thomas Cook
NICE is one of the only vendors that does attended and unattended out-of-the-box. Using the unattended processes we've been able to build a "feature library." We break each process down into workable chunks that we can save into a big library. The next time we come to automate a task, we already have chunks of that automation built. For example, logging into an application is what we call a feature. We build it and we put it into the library. The next time somebody comes along to automate a process that uses that application, the login feature is already there. That's one piece of work that they don't have to do. That feature-based build is something that's unique to NICE and we find it most valuable. The API connectivity is strong, although we don't use it a lot. We tend to go with the screen connectivity. However, we use APIs to connect into SharePoint, and they work seamlessly. View full review »
Nicola Bentham
Business Readiness & Continuous Improvement Support Manager at Swinton
The standout feature is that we've been able to change it completely, visually. It has got icons, you can go into links, it's very colorful. We changed the whole look and feel of it in January. We developed all that last year with the developer. Guidance at other places can be a script, a Word document, or some sort of application which is there for the agent to go through while doing sales. What we've done with the RTI client is that we've brought it into a bit more of a 21st-century feel. Our agents have the ability to move around when they want, click into stuff. They use it according to how their conversations go with the customer. There are extra features we built into it. For example, at one stage, they can click a button and it checks another system for another product that we sell, a monthly product, because we don't want to sell that at the same time giving the client duplicate coverage. View full review »
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