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What is NNT Change Tracker Enterprise?

NNT Change Tracker Generation 7 uses either an agent-based or agentless architecture – the choice is yours. After initial discovery, NNT-Change Tracker scans your devices and compares them to a standard policy. The policy applied will either be user defined or based on an industry standard such as the Center for Internet Security (CIS). Policies can be automatically assigned based on the device type or priority via a centrally managed console. NNT analyses every configurable component within your IT Estate and allows you to define a ‘Known, Good, Secure and Compliant State’ for all of your in scope systems. Once IT systems are rendered ‘Provably Secure, Compliant & Malware Free’, NNT Change Tracker monitors for any deviations to both policy and state. Changes are intelligently categorized as either planned or unplanned and automated threat intelligence feeds provide ultimate reassurance that changes are acceptable and malware free. The smart response is to leverage cloud-based Threat Intelligence to automatically validate file changes as they are detected using an authoritative file whitelist. And now you can use the NNT FAST™ (File Approved-Safe technology) Cloud to do just this, in real-time. NNT Change Tracker utilizes a unique change control system known as ‘Closed Loop Intelligent Change Control’. This ensures that what actually changed, matches the expected approved change profile. NNT Change Tracker learns over time, which changes within your environment are normal and which are abnormal and is able to apply threat-based logic to the automation of change approvals. The result is a massive reduction in false positives making the process of both ‘stopping and spotting’ a breach vastly more straightforward. Any configuration drift can also be automatically remediated using the inbuilt remediation kit leveraging CIS or any other policy standard. With NNT’s real-time capabilities, unlike traditional scanning or exclusively agentless technologies, potential breaches to systems or policies are spotted immediately.
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US Army, Xerox, Hewlett Packard, LiveTV, Universal Studios, Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative, ACAS, Chanel, Live Nation, Union Bank, Ohio Valley Electric Corporation, Bank of China, Cornell University, Jetblue, Royal Albert Hall, Chaparral Energy, RyanAir
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