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Data Center Coordinator at Vocem
Reviewed Nutanix Prism: The server is self-managed in an…
ICT System Administrator at a university
Reviewed Nutanix Prism: Has improved performance for our…
Enterprise Cloud Architect at Inspira
Reviewed Nutanix Prism: Multi-access login, simplified…
Consultant Project Development at a tech services company
Reviewed Nutanix Prism: Good dashboards, integrates well…
Solutions Consultant at a tech services company
Reviewed Nutanix Prism: Good centralized management that…
Manager at a financial services firm
BDM (Technical) at Softprom by ERC
Technical Support Specialist at a outsourcing company
Head, Digital Business and Innovation (BSc/MSc Computer Science, CISA) at a tech company
Reviewed Nutanix Prism: A scalable solution for easily…
Technical Lead at BMB
Reviewed Nutanix Prism: Enables use of multiple operating…