ObserveIT Other Solutions Considered

Cyber Security Leader at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
In contrast to the scalability of ObserveIT, Securonix, another platform for UEBA, has infinite scalability. It can scale depending on the number and amount of computing power you have and it does not work on the standard database but on the big data analytics platform. That brings with it the value of security analytics as well, regardless of any silos. Securonix is not only UEBA, but it's also an integrated platform, the next-gen SIEM UEBA, and it supports the security data link as well. So it is massive. It is appropriate for much, much larger organizations where you have 50,000 users or more who you need to monitor. There is no regular SIEM with such use cases. Securonix is particularly developed for large organizations where scalability is a challenge and there is a large number of users. View full review »