Observer GigaStor Benefits

Network Engineer at Talentys SA
GigaStor can help write rules, is our firewall, and protocols which IP addresses can go in and out of your network. You can easily write your rules, like your ACM, for example. You can block certain traffic but allow other traffic, protocols, or ports. You can choose which traffic is important or not important in your network, and block the traffic which is not required for it to function correctly. View full review »
Romuald YAPI
Support Engineer with 11-50 employees
It helps restrain things regarding the firewalls, the application control, so you can just use ACLs or, if you want, firewalls to block certain traffic that you do not want to come through your network. View full review »
IT Network Professional at a insurance company with 10,001+ employees
Enables us to go back in time to capture an issue and analyze it for a solution. This after the fact analysis is key to overcoming the "bump in the night" issues. View full review »

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