Observer GigaStor Room for Improvement

Network Engineer at Talentys SA
As of this moment, the graphics might need some improvement, because a lot of the information there must be input first to have full potential. They could make it more friendly or automated so that it will autodetect the server or someone from the IP address. This way, it can automatically discover the critical servers so that you don't have to input those IP addresses to get the result. The second feature I would like improved is the ability to automatically generate the report, or matrix, in other versions. It is available in PDF or Excel, but I want other versions, so I could send it to somebody who is not in the IT team. It is currently very difficult for them to understand. The report should be simpler so the managers can base their decisions on it and refer to it thoroughly. It is currently too technical. If you are not a technical engineer it would be difficult for you to decrypt and understand the information. This is the feature I most want to see in the next version. View full review »
Romuald YAPI
Support Engineer with 11-50 employees
Maybe the graphical user interface could be simplified to allow people to use it more easily. It's already good, but they can work more on it to make it even easier. View full review »
IT Network Professional at a insurance company with 10,001+ employees
* The Observer Console UI is consistent and stable, but could use some updating to be more modern. * There’s a web-based packet extraction interface that was recently added, but I’d like to see more web-based capabilities added so that the Observer client isn’t needed so much. * Their first generation Observer Reporting Server was a dawg, but Observer Apex is a much better reporting solution that is easier to use. Application Dependency Mapping is valuable, but needs to be more automated. The product continues to evolve to overcome areas of concerns. View full review »

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