Observer GigaStor Valuable Features

Network Engineer at Talentys SA
The features that I found most useful are related to storing the data. You can save the metadata: everything from the stream, ARC, or other transactions, and then come back to it later to see what the issue was. View full review »
Romuald YAPI
Support Engineer with 11-50 employees
First of all, the ability to capture packets. It is not only for monitoring. So that is very important for a company that wants to keep an eye on the packets, the transactions, the flows, everything going down and out. The second one is that it's able to capture packets and, after a long time, you can come and use that information; to check, to analyze - everything you would want to do. So it's very good and helpful if you want to protect your data. It is stored in a certain place where you can access it every time you want to analyze it. I also have the ability to see an application's performance, to see what's going on, why a network is slow, why this program for this user is experiencing a delay or some network issue. You can check all this using that Observer GigaStor. View full review »
IT Network Professional at a insurance company with 10,001+ employees
Provides long term capture and analysis capabilities. View full review »

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