Odin Service Automation Room for Improvement

John Zanni
Senior Vice President Cloud and Hosting Sales at a tech vendor with 501-1,000 employees
We have a multi-tier subscription selling solution. Some of the billing functionality could be better enhanced. I would add more granular billing with more complex rules. For example, the average storage used in a month, or the minimum amount, whichever one is greater. For more detail: Existing APS realization supports monthly average billing. E.g. if we sell storage to the customer, OSA will calculate how much space was used in average during e.g. calendar month and charge customer for it. It does create a bunch of complications as showing for the customer an evidence that confirms the average number is typically complicated. Our customers base prefers to deal with end-of-the month values. In example with storage, it would imply billing customer for the usage based on usage at the last day of the month. Why is it better? 1) Much easy to explain to customers how it works 2) Much easy to show in our application that usage is in our application is equal to the usage customer was billed for. Implementing in our application “proof” of average billing is much more complicated 3) Finally – much faster adoption and much faster go-to-market for customers like Acronis View full review »

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