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OfficeSuite Room for Improvement

Consultant at NFC/IT

Their pricing and "automatic contracts" are abhorrent. We left Broadview for Intermedia because, at the end of the day, we are in the business of being a complete IT solution, which we can't do without offering a phone system. We are firm believers in practicing what you preach (or dogfooding if you prefer). As I stated previously, they dropped us as vendors because we couldn't sell many systems.

The auto-attendant setup was horrid. It was extremely dated and doesn't have any modern features that you would expect for the price point. The mobile app, desktop app, and hardware was outdated and clumsily integrated.

One reason we couldn't sell the product is that they nickel and dime you to death. For example, a line is one price. If you want a soft phone, that's extra. Mobile app? Extra. Auto-attendant? Yup... extra. We went with Intermedia because they have a far more modern system with seamless integration and simpler pricing. It is one price per user that includes everything Broadview charges extra for.

Finally, after we switched, Broadview is trying to extort us for a year's fees stating we didn't terminate the contract in time. Importantly, we did, but it was "auto-renewed." 

Basically, if you want phone technology from the '90s and the practices to go along with it, Broadview is your ticket.

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