One Network Optimization Overview

What is One Network Optimization?

The Transportation Planning and Optimization service enables robust and comprehensive transportation planning. The transportation planning engine relies on the underlying Real Time Value Network™ capability of continuous and incremental planning, which matches plans to actual conditions as they change. In addition to selecting the optimal carrier and mode, the Real Time Value Network can create, consolidate, and aggregate shipments, identify continuous move opportunities, optimize the dispatch schedules, and even consider how to best utilize a private fleet.

In the Real Time Value Network, sites need only be modeled and maintained once for all members of the network. This allows for speedier implementation and ease of maintenance. And only in the Real Time Value Network is planning married to optimized execution orders; the system automatically executes the required transactions.

One Network Optimization Customers

Greyhound Lines, Safeway, Argos, Dana, United States Marine Corps, Sinopharm, Dollar General, Kroger

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