Identity and Access Management as a Service (IDaaS) Questions
Peter Lindroth
Infrastructure Architect at Forefront consulting
May 04 2021

I'm researching identity management/identity and access management solutions. Are there any good comparison matrices comparing Microsoft Identity Manager to other identity and access management solutions?

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reviewer1377516Good question, but hard to answer. There are comparison matrices/reports… more »
IT Central Station
May 19 2021

Hi peers,

What role does IAM play in preventing data breaches? What are the risks associated with not using an IAM solution?

Amimesh AnandThere could be 2 types of action that can be taken to measure the data breach… more »
Ahmad ZuhdiAbsolutely! IAM is so important to prevent a data breach. With IAM we can make… more »
SteveAndrewsSince cybercrime is on the aggressive rise, and our organizations working… more »
IT Central Station

What tools can be used to help make GDPR compliance easier? What are some specific features to look out for?

AdrianMacheI would go for RSA SecurID Suite due to strong compliance and continuous fast… more »
IT Central Station

What are pros and cons of each?

Tony CilibrasiWithout going into too much detail since I'm not an expert in this field myself… more »
Jean-Francois RichardLDAP is a directory services protocol. Active Directory is a directory server… more »
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SSO seems like a great way to simplify secure user authentication, but is it safe? If SSO is compromised, surely this poses a greater risk, as then all one's passwords can be accessed across all applications?