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Systems Architect at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
I've used Solar Winds. I've used CA. I've used WhatsUp Gold. I've used probably just about anything you want. None of them is perfect. In terms of selecting a vendor or solution, to be honest, I prefer things that are an open-source solution. But a lot of the companies are a little bit scared of what kind of support you would get from an open-source solution. The next best thing would be something that's in between, which is where Opmantek gives you an MIS, which is an open-source part. It does all the polling and also allows you to adjust all the things that you might want to fiddle with. But then you also get paid use of the software, which obviously they have more control over, you are paying a license for it. The other thing is, obviously, the technical ability of the software to provide the data that I need. Also in terms of resources, what does it take to run a piece of software. Because, for example, on CA, you're probably looking at - just to start up - something like fourteen different servers, which is quite a lot. The other stuff is all based on the business requirements and the process. View full review »
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