Oracle Advanced Analytics Competitors and Alternatives

The top Oracle Advanced Analytics competitors are
  • SAS Analytics
  • IBM SPSS Modeler
Read reviews of Oracle Advanced Analytics competitors and alternatives
Real User
IT Specialist at a government with 51-200 employees
Mar 22 2018

What is most valuable?

All the statistical models that you are able to access. We have integration where you can write third-party apps. This... more»

How has it helped my organization?

It has provided us a lot of small wins that we could bring to our leadership and it has given them confidence with what... more»

What needs improvement?

The platform that you can deploy it on needs improvement because I think it is Windows only. I do not think it can run... more»

What's my experience with pricing, setup cost, and licensing?

Cost can be a consideration or a factor when looking to try to deploy to more people. Everybody has to be cost... more»

Which other solutions did I evaluate?

We were using Excel and beating the heck out of it. We realized with Excel reaching its limits that we need to find out... more»

What other advice do I have?

Once you get to the limits of Excel, then you go out and get your pick. Go with a product you know and a vendor you... more»
Olayinka Awoyemi
Real User
Statistician at a insurance company
Feb 28 2018

What do you think of SAS Analytics?

Primary Use Case: Mostly used for quantitative analyses which include descriptive and inferential statistics. It is also used for generating reports and summary statistics of findings. • Improvements to My Organization: It has improved the level of efficacy and validity of our reports. This has also extended to the area of customer service and relations. • Valuable Features: The availability of various statistical concepts, including statistical techniques and methods. • Room for Improvement: It is more on the side of the cost. It is relatively expensive. It is not an easy software to afford. • Use of Solution: More than five years. • Previous Solutions: We did use a previous solution. We switched for a better quality of result. • Pricing, Setup Cost and...

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