Oracle BPM Pricing and License Cost

Sven Bernhardt
Solution Architect at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
It is necessary to evaluate the requirements regarding platform usage and the main operation area of the platform. A topology blueprint should be created and validated against the following questions: * How many instances do you expect per day/month/year? * What is the average amount of data? * Should the environment have High Availability? * What kind of integrations/processes will you have - stateless or stateful, long running processes derived from the requirements, and evaluated at the very beginning? Depending on that, the sizing for the environments should be done. View full review »
José Carlos Paiva Rodrigues
As with all Oracle products, the licensing over VMware is an issue. You have to license the whole hardware, not just the amount of CPUs you actually use. I would suggest to go to Oracle VM if you need to virtualize this platform. Also, check the current Oracle process-based platform in the cloud (Oracle Process Cloud Service), as it may serve your needs, and it’s much cheaper to start and run. View full review »
Todor Gigilev
CEO at a tech vendor
Oracle has changed its licensing policy and incentivises for you to select Oracle Cloud over other cloud providers, which sometimes might not be what you want. View full review »
Deputy project manager with 501-1,000 employees
Oracle solutions are highly priced when compared to competitors. View full review »

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