What is Oracle Data Mining?


Oracle Data Mining is a tool that helps businesses analyzetheir data in order to better utilize the information they have at hand,particularly by way of detecting flaws in the system or disruptive patternsthat can be causing inefficiency in particular areas. The algorithms used forthis tool run through the overall Oracle kernel, thereby making it moreeffective since it is working from an inside-out vantage point. As such, theOracle Data Mining is better at running large-scale SQL queries, proving an efficientmethod for extracting the necessary data in a short period of time.

Oracle Data Mining is meant to be an all-inclusive datamining solution in that it allows customers to handle all functions within onetool: creating data mining simulations, executing these models for testing, andfinally, gleaning and analyzing the resultant information for futureapplication.

Sample customers

Orbitz, Marriott, SGS Life Science, Masdar, AlliantEnergy Corporation, British Standards Institute, Skybox Security, Triple PointTechnology, and Coca Cola.

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