Identity Management (IM) Questions
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Oct 25 2020

Insider data breaches can be a real problem in businesses. One way to address this issue is by implementing an identity and access management solution. 

What tips do you have for ensuring that one's identity and access management solution is effective?

Chris BunnThe simplest and most common activity for every insider threat action is the… more »
JoeValeroThe premise of any effective Identity and Access Management solution is that… more »
Enrique Leon, CISAWith experience in both IT and Audit, I can say the answer most often leads to a… more »
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Do you have recommendations for the most efficient way to handle the employee identity lifecycle in a secure way? Any suggestions for the best tools to put in place to ease this process?

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Identity governance and administration are considered important in enterprise IT management. Why?

How can IM tools help manage IGA?

Mauricio Marinho
IT Analyst at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees

I have more than seven years of experience working at a bank. 

We bought SAP GRC that came with SAP IDM. Should we leverage SAP IDM and customize it for legacy or should we acquire a specialized legacy IDM solution? Which is the best option and which solution would you recommend?

Thanks! I appreciate the help.

Ian WatsonIf you are looking for an SAP Certified IAM solution then I suggest One… more »
reviewer1191543You could consider Ubisecure for external IDM needs and Omada for internal… more »
SylvainMaertchikI’m definitely not an expert in SAPG GRC but I can do some research if I have… more »