Oracle Java Cloud Service Competitors and Alternatives

The top Oracle Java Cloud Service competitors are
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Aug 07 2018

What do you think of Amazon AWS?

Primary Use Case The primary use case is that we run all our IT on it. The performance has been okay so far. • Improvements to My Organization With the pay-as-you-go model, we don't have to predict future IT needs. We can just scale up as we want. That helps with a lot of agility in deploying stuff in our IT infrastructure. • Valuable Features It's pay-as-you-go. It has a breadth of solutions for databases, data mining, AI. They release new solutions almost every quarter and you don't get that kind of innovation from an enterprise company. • Room for Improvement The AWS documentation is written in a way that is not very intuitive. That's an area they can improve. • Use of Solution One to three years. • Stability Issues Stability is really good. We have not had...

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