Oracle Project Visual Code Overview

What is Oracle Project Visual Code?

With the new Project Visual Code, customers will be able to utilize a library of responsive user interface components and complete applications – made available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace—to add features that can be embedded directly into their own applications, environments or even existing Oracle Cloud applications. With minimal coding needed and intuitive visual design capabilities, business users and citizen developers can easily create the applications they need on their own, with little to no involvement from their IT department.

Built on a standards-based architecture, the new platform also enables customers and partners to create a rich ecosystem of modular user interface building blocks as well as complete applications. In addition, with its best-in-class mobile development features, the new platform enables the creation of on-device mobile applications that work even in disconnected mode.

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Vice President Certus Cloud Solutions at Certus Solutions
Real User
Dec 19, 2016
Integrates components to make decision making easier. Provides defense-in-depth security.

What other advice do I have?

There are people who want to move to the cloud-based offerings due to price and not having all the hardware on your premises. We hear these are the reasons you must make the change. The two reasons that really resonate with me are the security and the sales cycle. Security is especially the case in the Oracle Cloud applications, because they own every single part of that stack. The defense-in-depth of their security is really compelling. If people are worried, they should sit down with a cloud architect from Oracle and look at it because it is present at every level. In terms of the sales…