Oracle VM Competitors and Alternatives

The top Oracle VM competitors are
  • vSphere
  • KVM
  • Hyper-V
  • XenServer
  • Proxmox VE
  • RHEV
  • Nutanix Acropolis
  • VMware Workstation
Read reviews of Oracle VM competitors and alternatives
Proxmox VE Logo
‎Director of Computing Platforms at a tech vendor with 201-500 employees
Sep 22 2018

What do you think of Proxmox VE?

Primary Use Case: We currently have more than 160 virtual machines and LXC containers on Proxmox in an all Linux production environment.   • Improvements to My Organization: Get the community level if you are on a budget --- keep your software updated to the latest releases. • Valuable Features: Live migration. It is easier to balance loads across hypervisors if a given container or virtual machine uses more resources than its peers. • Room for Improvement: IMPORTANT - use separate physical network for Corosync/Heartbeat functions. This is obscure in the documentation - but you'll find it. • Use of Solution: One to three years. • Stability Issues: Heartbeat was overwhelmed due to all hypervisors running a single NIC - nodes started to fence themselves when load...
vSphere Logo
Carlos Filipe Quintas
Solutions Architect at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
Aug 24 2017

What is most valuable?

Having the ability to deploy fault tolerant VM’s with up to 4 CPUs is fantastic as it goes one level up from a business... more»

How has it helped my organization?

vSphere has been deployed in many of our customers. It improves drastically DC consolidation and proper use of... more»

What needs improvement?

I’d like to see a better web console or rather, transform the web console in a real single pane of glass for the whole... more»

What's my experience with pricing, setup cost, and licensing?

Start with the lowest and upgrade if, and only if, absolutely necessary. Customers will find that the standard edition... more»

Which other solutions did I evaluate?

My customers have used all available solutions. Some move to vSphere, some move away. In the end it will be about costs... more»

What other advice do I have?

Start with the least expensive Licensing model and upgrade as you need. Change your operating model to virtualisation... more»
Hyper-V Logo
Lou Barsony
Head of IT Architecture and Design with 201-500 employees
May 22 2018

What do you think of Hyper-V?

Primary Use Case: Providing development and test environments for risk management applications. A variety of standard images were created and could be applied as needed. • Improvements to My Organization: Hyper-V provided freedom to spin up development and test environments. As projects were created, an environment could be created and applied. • Valuable Features: Reasonably easy to use. Snapshots could be prepared and deployed as a developer needed them. As well, environments could be disabled or removed. • Room for Improvement: It needs additional administration and monitoring capabilities. Status and availability became an issue and need.  • Use of Solution: Trial/evaluations only.

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