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What is Orion Health EHR?
Orion Health EHR is a browser-based portal and mobile app fed by real-time data including clinical and claims. Engage integrates with Orion Health Coordinate, for clinicians and healthcare professionals to deliver comprehensive care management. Key features include: (1) Goals provide a motivational tool and a sense of achievement for the patient, while also giving the care team visibility of the patient's behaviour in the home setting. (2) Appointments that Keeps track of their healthcare schedule. Past and upcoming appointments can be pulled from multiple scheduling systems, providing access to a consolidated real-time list. (3) Notifications is an Email-based and reminders can be set up by patients to stay on top of updates relating to their health record in real-time. Notifications include when a new C-CDA document is received, when a new file is added, updated or deleted, and reminders about upcoming appointments.

Orion Health EHR is also known as EHR.

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