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Angus Mcintyre
Real User
VP IT Operations at RAK Ceramics
Dec 09 2016

What is most valuable?

It’s reliable; it works. It very rarely breaks. It's up. I think our uptime is in excess of 95 percent, which is good. They're relatively easy to support and maintain. It's... more»

How has it helped my organization?

To be perfectly honest, it hasn't made a blind bit of difference to how the organization functions. It wouldn't have made any difference whether we'd gone for HPE, Sun, IBM or... more»

What needs improvement?

For a company like RAK Ceramics, virtualization and cloud is the obvious way to go. The problem is the cost justification for the transition; that's the difficult bit. Some help... more»

What other advice do I have?

Do a thorough study of the market and what's available out there. If HPE proves to be the solution that best fits your needs, go for it. My specific needs are to run a huge SAP... more»
Real User
Head of Engineering Functional Design IT solutions at a transportation company with 10,001+ employees
Jan 10 2017

What do you think of Output Server?

Valuable Features: For us, it's a service delivered to our company; so we don't need to be concerned about the technical details. The service quality is quite good. • Improvements to My Organization: It helps us to integrate complex systems. We don't need to take care of it. HPE delivers this as a service. • Room for Improvement: The key area for improvement is that there should be more storage and a new storage architecture. • Stability Issues: The stability is good. • Scalability Issues: It is scalable, but it is a pretty expensive infrastructure; so we don't scale up every week. • Customer Service and Technical Support: The technical support is good, even excellent. • Other Advice: I would advise a colleague who is considering this solution to go for...


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What is Output Server?

OpenText Output Management is a family of integrated software products that ensure reliable delivery of print jobs to output resources in both distributed and non-distributed environments - everything from printers and fax destinations to e-mail and Web destinations.
Also known as
HPE Output Server, HP Output Server
Output Server customers
Agilent, Allergan, Columbus McKinnon, HP, Iron Mountain, Moen, Valero

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