OutSystems Valuable Features

Paulo Rossi
System Analyst with 10,001+ employees
* Easy and low-code web/mobile development: Reduces the manual labor in compiling and deploying applications and generating procedural code (by reducing development bureaucracy/processes, resulting in real gains). The LifeTime Server approach, requiring just a few steps to publish applications in production environments, is fantastic. * High reuse of components and business logic: Once built, web/mobile components can be reused in all new developments. In addition, the OutSystems Forge is very useful. We can exchange components and even already-built applications, reducing costs to build specific solutions. * Build-logic becomes simple with a graphic interface: Developers work better with visual support. In a related vein, we are currently studying if, in the near future, an OutSystems environment could be provisioned to non-technical areas to allow them to construct their own applications (supervised by IT, and with good governance and security assessments). * Stakeholder engagement and satisfaction: In the past, it was difficult to keep our clients (employees and partners) up to date on the development process. There were many promises of application delivery dates which were often not met. With OutSystems, we can develop and share progress and functionalities. * Integration: With the SOAP and REST APIs and the database connections allowing communication with different data sources, it’s simple and quick to fulfill requirements which demand resources from multiple sources. In this way, the platform provides opportunities for innovative ideas. A simple example is to check transportation costs against rotes using maps and GPS technologies to measure accurate distances. View full review »
Associate Architect at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
It has so many features and almost every one of them is awesome. It makes our development life easier. The most important features of this tool are its visual modeling capabilities and drag and drop functionality. You can see what you are coding which makes it easy to understand and maintain. They have also created a big revolution in digital transformation by introducing native mobile app development under the same IDE. Integrations with external systems with SOAP and REST are easy to implement off-the-shelf, but a developer can always implement specific libraries for other integrations. View full review »
Outsystems Consultant at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
For me, the most valuable feature is the flexibility the tools give us to change as customer requirements change, on the fly, when we are in a meeting. I also like how easy it is to deploy the code between environments and how easy it is to integrate OutSystems with other systems. View full review »
Carolina Bessa
Software Engineer at a logistics company with 10,001+ employees
Agile development. I love that you save a lot of time on development and can focus on logic and business requirements. View full review »
Manoj Ahirwar
Analyst - RAD Technical at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees
I really like the one-click publish feature in OutSystems. In other development tools/languages, it's not as easy. I also like how easily I can manage all my projects in one place. View full review »
Software Engineer
All the features for developing web applications are valuable to me. View full review »
IT Application Developer at a hospitality company with 5,001-10,000 employees
* Great built-in features to get us up and running in no time. * Their out-of-the-box UI is quite good. * Easy deployment * Refactoring with TrueChange is very simple. * Monitoring and logging are built into it. View full review »
Marcos Galigarcia
CEO & Founder with 51-200 employees
* Fast for server-side development. * Easy to learn. * GUI is good. View full review »

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