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Rinto Anto
Real User
Module Lead
Nov 13 2017

What do you think of Palo Alto Threat Prevention?

Valuable Features: Its Wi-Fi feature actually attracted me a lot. Also, sandboxing can be done. • Improvements to My Organization: Basically, on the server side, it alerts me to threats. We are working to begin reporting on this. It affects me a lot.  • Room for Improvement: Some bugs, which will be rectified by Palo Alto in the next update. • Use of Solution: Almost one year. • Stability Issues: No issues. I do not have issues with stability. • Scalability Issues: For my organization, there is more than enough scalability for me. It is good for me. Exactly what I want. • Customer Service and Technical Support: Their support is very good. For some features, which I don't know. I used to address these with the technical guys. They support me very well on...


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What is Palo Alto Threat Prevention?

Threats do not discriminate between application delivery vectors, requiring an approach that has full visibility into all application traffic, including SSL encrypted content, with full user context. Threat Prevention leverages the visibility of our next-generation firewall to inspect all traffic, automatically preventing known threats, regardless of port, protocol or SSL encryption.

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University of Arkansas, JBG SMITH, SkiStar AB, TRI-AD, Temple University, Telkom Indonesia

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