Panaya Test Dynamix Valuable Features

Pieter De Jager
Enterprise Architect at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
The features I find most valuable is the fact that you gain the auto recording of the evidence as you execute the test cases from the 15 sites. Secondly, I like the collaboration amongst team members. The third thing I like is sprint feature, which is based on your weekly or bi-weekly sprints where you have all your development or functionalities, and where you want to roll it out in the next few days. It's easy, it's online and you can drag and drop. When I think from a project governance perspective, the fact that you have a place for all your releases, and where you can drill down or add extra attributes to the pages for recording additional information is very valuable. I also like the building workflow that you can customize to your requirements, as well as the inputs and export features on the pages. View full review »