PeerGFS Overview

What is PeerGFS?

PeerGFS is a software-only solution developed to solve
file management/file replication challenges in multi-site,
multi-platform, and hybrid multi-cloud environments. With over
25 years of experience in geographically dispersed file replication,
we help organizations:

Improve availability through Active-Active data centers
(on-premises and/or in the cloud)
Protect data at the Edge with Continuous Data Protection to the data center
Increase productivity for distributed project teams with fast, local access to file data
Today’s always-on world requires real-time data infrastructure with 24x7x365 availability. PeerGFS works with the storage systems you already have deployed and support:

High volume data replication between well-connected data centers
Wide area networks with limited bandwidth and higher latency
PeerGFS is easy to install and manage. Different job types can be configured, at a granular level, to support specific application requirements.

PeerGFS is also known as Peer Global File Service.

PeerGFS Customers
Merck, RelyOnNutec, TTG,PFI Planungsgesellschaft
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